Griselda has spent the last twenty-two years focused on advocating for the most vulnerable and taking the fight against some of the largest defendants and causing change. As a civil rights lawyer, she has litigated complex discrimination cases in both federal and state court for low-wage workers; as well as, done significant legislative and policy advocacy in state, federal and international forums leading to increased protections for workers in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. 

She began her legal career with Columbia Legal Services in Yakima, WA where she worked on the Perez- Farias v. Global Horizons, Inc., an employment class action lawsuit representing Mexican farmworkers in a discrimination, and other state and federal employment violations against multiple growers.  She also advocated to increase protections against pesticides by engaging in the 2003 federal rulemaking process of the first mandatory cholinesterase medical monitoring program in the U.S. for pesticide workers.

Griselda also represented Latina women in domestic violence situations with emergency orders of protection, divorce and custody issues when at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago. At Justice in Motion, she organized, managed and led teams as small as one person to building and managing a network of over fifty Mexican advocates who she trained on U.S. labor law to help Mexican nationals vindicate their U.S.